Oh what an experience watching the old year fade away! 

How can I celebrate the New Year Joy when I am yet to forget in a hurry the good, the not so good and the bad of the past year.

Somehow I am a bit disappointed that the year went so soon as there were dreams yet to be fulfilled. However the more I stare at the closed door the more I am aware it will never reopen again. 

In that closed door were unrealized dreams, business collapse, big ideas, financial losses, great goals, good opportunities and more.

Albeit in reality I cannot say the past year was bad as there were recorded successes for me, for you and for our Nation. Those things we termed as losses are experiences meant to guide us as we start this New Year joy into the future. Now we all have the open door of the New Year before us what next? Are we going to keep longing for the close door of the past year or are we entering into the beckoning open door of the New Year?

Alas the choice is not mine or yours to make as we have been piloted into this New Year by God’s Super Power that gave us no option to seek for an alternative.
Consequently, as expected I have embraced the New Year with celebrations and great expectations skillfully hiding my secret fears but trusting that God will go before me for as long as I remain in His presence.


The New Year is around with clean pages of opportunities for new and perfect beginning. We all have the privilege to create the content we want to feature in these pages as they will be our testimonial at the end of the Year.

Sadly many of us will allow these opportunities to go by unused because we are glued to closed doors of the past year that can never be reopened.

How ironic that we waste time longing for things gone by, for the supposed perfect good old days. The years we were told everything was gotten with ease, connections were respected and securing a job was very easy. Some of us saw our Country swimming in abundance in those years. People were not under pressure to task the brain for new ideas or better ways of running businesses or improving career. But now that the situation has changed it has also given us opportunity to make new discoveries; let’s make good use of it.


It might be true life was good then judging by the standard of assessment they used. However the wonderful picture we have painted were carved out of our own imagination. We fail to remember that in those good old days there were challenges too but they were contented for that was the best they could think of. Moreover the new technologies that has made life easy for us now were not yet invented then hence they lacked our type of comfort. In the now we can seal multi million dollar business without moving out of our location.

The New Year requires that we erase principles of years gone by that has no bearing with the brand and pure New Year joy.


In no particular order some of the new opportunities will include:

  • New Beginnings

  • Newly found Focus

  • More Blessings

  • Bigger Dreams

  • Fresh Goals

  • Up to date Self Development

  • Enhanced Relationships

  • Further Challenges

  • Better Ways of Doing Things

  • Modern Businesses

  • Innovative Discoveries

The opportunities are limitless; you will only be limited by your own lack of creativity. 





Exploring a virgin territory require boldness. Furthermore the journey will be easy when you have an experienced guide who knows the way. Truly only God knows the New Year inside out and He has taken the lead but He will only guide those who want Him and are ready to be guided.

Deuteronomy 31:8 The Lord himself will lead you and be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you, so do not lose courage or be afraid.” (GNT)


God already know the business climate of the New Year and how it will affect you personally. Indeed God will direct and support you even when some decisions turn sour so trust Him to be around till you finally figure it out right.

Isaiah 30:21 If you go the wrong way — to the right or to the left — you will hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the right way. You should go this way." (NCV)

Dont be afraid of what you have not seen rather make a firm commitment to seek out information, contacts, ideas and partnership that will be beneficial in your New Year pursuit.

Start with what you have in the New Year Joy

The provision for the New Year will drop in trickles but God will always make more available when you utilize the one you had received. To this end starting with what the New Year has made available is key to your business or career growth within the year. God Almighty  gave us a pattern to follow and He further demonstrated that greatness can be achieve by adding consistent bits to build our vision.

God started the earth from a blank page. Just like every new beginning the earth was empty and covered with darkness. The picture of what it will be at the end was not available but God had a vision of what He wanted.

To achieve His vision God started with small; thereby revealing to us that new beginnings usually start small. 

First He declared: Let there be light! Consequently when God saw that it was good He proceeded to the next goal.

You might wonder; Surely He is God Almighty why did He not just call everything into existence at once. I guess here lies the lesson for each one of us.


God is our greatest inspiration for the New Year. Today that same empty earth has evolved to be a great Universe. God had some disappointing results too but He patiently sought for best alternatives. His original plan was for man to tend the garden but we all know what happened!

Yet God is still busy adding bits to make the earth a better place. For as long as the earth remains God will continue to review and make changes where necessary.

Practising God's Method

We need to ask: Where do I want my business, career and other areas of my life to be in the New Year? Besides you have the privilege of molding your vision to fit into the New Year joy. Although it may not be easy but each completed action by you will give form to your vision.

Therefore you need to have a big goal of what you want which in turn should be broken to smaller achievable goals. 

With this in mind manage your time as the race is on already.


Follow the rules of the New Year

You must be ready to follow the rules specifically made for the New Year to make your journey easy. As you follow the rules you will conquer and acquire new territories for your business, career and all that matters to you.

You cannot achieve breakthrough if you are lazy or unwilling to step out of comfortable and known zones. Therefore be ready to take calculated risk and sow into the dreams you believe in. The New year joy is not for the timid or incompetent ones. It will be a year of sifting and it will definitely vomit out improperly planned businesses, mediocre jobs, sub standard academic or professional pursuit. Leviticus 20:22;
"If you carefully obey all my laws and my rules, the land I am bringing you to live in will not vomit you out. ( GW)

What we hope to get in the New Year

This New Year will be a year of completeness; holding precious gems that are waiting to be discovered. If found these gems will empower us for growth and successes. Those that know their God and are determined to play by the rule of the game will close their New Year book beautifully. In addition to your vision for the year: relevant big and smaller goals plus plans drawn and executed will determine how you will close the year.

God's Encouragement to you

If you are ready and prepared your God your Guide will make your vision achievable.
Isaiah 41:10  Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God.
 I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. {NLT}


In ending I wish you New Year  joy of victory and growth in Jesus name.  Let us build each other to be better.

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I hope to read your conquest stories.

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