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In addition to the graduate certificate there is need to acquire an additional skill . Years ago I enjoyed writing letters that were transported via the postal office. It takes as much as three weeks for the cycle to be completed – Writing-Posting-Receiver respond- Forward response through the post- Finally response gets to me from the post. Interesting now that same cycle of three weeks has been broken down to as low as ten minutes! How? Just by using the email service for those that have keyed into what Modern day Technology is offering. On your mobile device you can initiate and complete business transactions that will add much to the bottom line of your business.



Irony! No one wants to be glued to the old when better and faster new alternatives exists but not everyone is able to switch to this simple and effective technique. Why? you wonder! It requires skill and not everyone has acquired that skill. That brings me to the topic I have for my post today………

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In this modern dispensation we all want fast success and financial independence. For these reason skills acquisition seems to be a waste of time hence younger generation seek to avoid or defer it.

However you cannot compete favourable or achieve financial independence in this ever changing World if you don’t pick an interest in skills acquisition. Everyone has the potential to develop and put to use multiple skills. Despite the skills you may have now there are still many more skills in you that require activation.

The Societal needs continue to change hence the need to always build or improve on your skills acquisition for financial independence. You can never be too old to acquire new skills. Dont feel intimidated if this post you are reading is your first attempt to acquire knowledge for skills acquisition. You have just taken a step in the right direction hence I assure you that it will be a worthwhile learning process. In the same vein the next skill acquisition you will register for could become your income generating skill for financial independence so do not be hesitant in starting. Skills acquisition in a new field is not as difficult as we  presume.

It is possible for you to acquire additional skill that is related or unrelated to your existing skill. Take for example a Mechanical Engineer going to an automated Mechanic shop to learn how to use modern technology to diagnose vehicle engines; that is a related skill. Unrelated however is a Mechanical Engineer learning skills to become a Musician. The key here is your willingness to take advantage of every opportunity and creatively build yourself up to become a sought after skilled personnel. I encourage you to begin from where are now with what you have.


For you to get a better understanding of skills acquisition I need to define what skill is. Skills acquisition in itself simply means acquiring skills. A probing mind will ask further: what is skill? From an overview of various dictionary definitions and life practical examples I summarized skill as the ability to do something well. Out of the various skills that abound the one which you chose to learn and do well becomes your skill.


Skills acquisition means gaining mastery of a particular skill through learning. It is the ability to get trained in that chosen field with the intention of becoming an expert. A learner will need to go through the three known stages to become an expert. Skills can become obsolete but you have better chance of staying relevant when you constantly update your knowledge with the application of relevant modern technology.
Growing Businesses that want to stay relevant undertake regular restructuring of their processes in order to sustain growth. Employees and owners must therefore update their skill to fit into the dictates of the new processes.

Skills acquisition is apparent in more ways than one. It could be theoretical or practical. Sometimes it could be understood in terms of soft, hybrid or hard skills. From whichever way we want to view it there is a starting point. When referring to skills acquisition concept we are basically discussing the embryo stage. This is the stage where the ideas are conceptualised and further developed. It is the first stage which is also known as cognitive. In practical terms before picking on a skill the ideas are vaguely formed in our mind. This is influenced by what we see people around us doing or what we love to do. The strong desire and belief that we can excel in these skills prompt us to seek for ways to make them our own personal skill.

It could be something technical like Web Development and Designing or something you consider less complicated like Fashion Designing.

There are factors that influence our choice of skills acquisition which sometimes could be external and outside our control. For instance people taking up nursing skill because they want to seek for greener pastures in a foreign land. They may not be passionate about nursing as a skill but because they have been guaranteed of a job if they possess it they willingly go through the training process. Obtaining the right skill is important as a right skill will open viable doors for you.

It is always good to improve on your existing skills so as to avoid becoming redundant. Redundancy leads to loss of income and stagnancy and this does not profit anyone. In adding to your already existing skill make a better choice by using good analytical tools. One tool that can help you chose right is SWOT Analysis. A SWOT analysis tool will help you ask relevant questions which require personal honesty.

Your choice of skills acquisition should align with your vision and purpose as you stand a better chance of success when doing what you love. However the World has evolved from what it was years ago and even today it is still evolving. The implication is that many traditional skills have become obsolete.

Hence your choice of skills acquisition should incorporate technology. This will make you relevant and employable. Knowledge of how the World Wide Web operates is now a must just like the use of Computer and Internet to drive businesses and career. It does not matter the field; you may be a Medical personnel or a salesmen we should all understand the language of technology.

When you are up to date in your skills you stand a better chance of generating income thus leading to financial independence.

SWOT is an acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

For the purpose of the topic this post is addressing you can use it for analysis by pondering on the following.

  • Strength – What are the peculiar advantage you think you have in acquiring your particular skill of choice? What do you already know or have? Meaning your inherent talent, natural flair, passion, physical structure or emotional stability. What ability do you have to attract sponsors or resources required for your training? What strength do you have to market your skill after you acquire the training?
  • Weakness- what are those things that ordinarily will hinder you from perfecting the skill. For example I love baking but I am seriously allergic to eggs. The mere smell or touch triggers off itching, blisters and general body discomfort in me. For that reason my productive in that skill will be seriously affected. Find out if you have limitations regarding your skill of choice.
  • Opportunities- what windows of opportunities exist that you can focus on.
  • Threat- do you perceive challenges and can you identify the likely source. Are the challenges surmountable?

Strength and weakness will usually be internal factors having to do with you as an individual. On the other hand opportunities and threats are external. They were not created by you. 

Use the final outcome of your analysis to ascertain your best course of action. You should not waste resources acquiring skills that will not be beneficial to you in the long run. Don’t do things because people you know have acquired same skill and are making money with it. You need to discover your own path.

The stages or steps required to become proficient in skills acquisition is herein referred to as process. The various products we see in the market went through seemingly unrelated processes to become a saleable product.

In the same vein for you to acquire skill as a Doctor or Entrepreneur requires going through process. The process can be theory, practical, observation, experimentation, internship or apprenticeship before one could become a certified expert in that skill.

These processes are generally classified in three stages:

  1. Cognitive –The preliminary stage of coordinating your thoughts, gathering information and experimenting.
  2. Associative – Learning and apprenticeship stage. People are usually impatient and try to shorten this stage by not getting trained fully. You should not be too hasty to become the boss without being fully rooted in the skill. If you gain reputation for doing shoddy jobs it will be very difficult to win back unsatisfied clients.
  3. Autonomous – At this level the trainee is skilled enough to be employed or operate alone. You should maintain a good relationship during the Associative stage so that you can always refer to your trainers when you run into occasional hitch. Let you trainers be among your mentors.
  • Skills acquisition equips you for employment or to become an Entrepreneur.
  • Your skill is a key to explore new opportunities especially technology driven skills.
  • Technology skills make it possible for you to explore the International market from home.
  • The possession of skills and your willingness to utilize same creates an income generating source for God to bless and enrich your hustle.
  • Having a skill and further acquisition of more skills is very important and vital in validating your testimony as a child of God and a Christian. It shows that the same Spirit in Christ is in you.

When you are good at what you do people will always be ready to pay for your services. Of benefit is when you have multiple skills as it opens doors of more room of opportunities for you.

Skills can be financially productive or financially unproductive. It is not every skill that will bring food to the table or add value to the economy. When the input is higher than the expected output, that skill is more of a hobby that should only be ventured into for pleasure when income generation is not your motive.

From the foregoing you can see why skills acquisition is relevant. Determine to constantly improve or add to your skills. Seek out skills that  are financially productive and will make you financially independent.

Skill acquisition like everything in life requires work and this can sometimes be challenging. The financial independence may not come immediately but if you persevere and apply business principles the fruits will be seen. The challenges differ from one person to the other. Consistency will eventually erase all the initial imperfections. Be bold to try out what you know. Be proactive and remain productive.

 Proverbs 14: 4

Where there are no oxen, the feeding trough is clean, but an abundant harvest is produced by strong oxen (NET).

An empty stable stays clean, but no income comes from an empty stable.

 [ no work no income]

We need constant patronage to reap bountiful harvest, hence the need to improve or add to our skills. So that we can always be busy generating income no matter how small.

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